Although Bynes is no stranger to experimenting with her hair color, she hasn’t been this pink in years. In fact, her last few hair changes have been relatively mundane. In 2017, she kicked off the new year by going back to her natural brunette color and one year later she appeared on the cover ofPaper magazine with a whole head of creamy blonde highlights. This is about five years after Bynes said she shaved her head after a particularly damaging bleach appointment. As a result, she opted to wear colorful wigs and hair extensions in public, which was captured by the 24/7 paparazzi surveillance on the star around 2013. Of course, this was also around the same time that Bynes was in the midst of personal problems that she’s since recovered from with the kind of comeback fans always knew she’d make. after all, if anyone deserves a hairstyle change to celebrate their return to IG, it’s Bynes, right?