From CB: I bought the Halloween wrap dress we featured Wednesday with the bats and jack-o-lanterns. It was just $16 with the coupon. (Thanks Teresa I didn’t even see the coupon! The price went up $2 by the time I got to it though.) I’ll post a photo to my Instagram stories once I wear that! I think I’ll wear it Monday night to a thing I have. This is more Halloween stuff we’re thinking about along with some random stuff that looks interesting.

From CB: An asymmetric moto hoodie jacket
I love asymmetric jackets and especially sweatshirts to wear to the gym this time of year. I used to have a Puma sweatshirt very similar to this (it was $50 I splurged) but I spilled red wine on it when I used to drink and the enzymatic cleaner turned the spot white. This moto hoodie sweatshirt by DTJ comes in sizes small to xx-large and in black, dark gray and white, all with contrasting piping. It’s under $33, it looks so cool and I want it! It doesn’t matter that I have about 10 gym jackets. This has 4 stars, over 1,300 ratings and a C from Fakespot, which is decent for clothing. People call it “super cute and pretty darn comfy,” and say it’s “soft and warm but never makes me sweaty.” Some say it runs small and you may want to size up.

From CB: A mini glue gun for non-crafty people who do half-assed projects
I am not a crafty person. If you read my posts regularly you will know this. I do not enjoy crafting or gardening and do the bare minimum when those skills are required. So I don’t own a glue gun yet and I need one for my very easy DIY Halloween costume. My friends are having a circus-themed party so I’m going as one of my favorite snacks, popcorn. I bought retro popcorn boxes which I’m bringing filled with popcorn, a red and white vertical striped dress (it’s not good for day wear and fits weird, I don’t recommend it!), and I’m going to spray paint crinkled paper yellow and hot glue in on a white shirt. I got the idea from this video. This under $9 mini glue gun by TopElek has 658 ratings, 4.4 stars and a C from Fakespot. (Other bestselling glue guns have lower ratings.) It also comes with 30 glue sticks. People say these “heat up quickly, clean easily, and are pretty much fool-proof” and that they’re perfect for crafts. You do have to be careful not to touch it as it gets very hot and it’s easy to get distracted while using it. I’m including that here to remind myself.

From CB: Spiderweb netting looks so festive on your fireplace or mantle
I have black spiderweb fabric which I use every year as part of (one of many) Halloween displays and I love it. This netted spiderweb scarf would look great hanging over a table, over a mantle, or even across a doorway as shown in the photo. They also have table runners and table toppers with similar fabrics. Also if you haven’t seen the creepy dolls Hecate is decorating her house with for Halloween, check out her Instagram! We’re going to talk about it for the Halloween edition of the podcast, that’s coming out on October 28th. Kaiser has agreed to share some ghost stories too! (If you didn’t hear our ghost stories episode it’s here.) This is only $10 and is 98 inches long by 14 inches wide. It has 276 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B from Fakespot. People call it a “great mantle scarf,” “adorable” and “perfect for Halloween.” Check out the user pictures because some say that the manufacturer photo makes it look larger than it is.

From Hecate: So far, I still love all the items from my last Halloween suggestions. I intended for my daughter and I to read A Night in the Lonesome October together but since the chapters are just a page or two long, we are reading them out loud as a family each night. I’m loving it. One thing is my pup, Dorothy Gale, loosened her witch collar and chewed it up. The collar is still good quality, she’s just a Houdini who chews up EVERYTHING!

From Hecate: A black Lace parasol for decoration or costumes
I got a similar parasol (it’s no longer available) after finding a cool black Victorian top hat and decided to go as a Victorian Wraith or something. The parasol I got is better quality than I expected. The lace is thick and it’s a true black in color. But it’s definitely a prop, the handle isn’t strong enough to be tossed around or anything, It is, however, lightweight and easy to carry. I use it opened in the house with flickering light behind it as kind of a spooky prop now. This lace parasol by AEAOA has 4.5 stars, 139 ratings and a B from Fakespot. It comes in 10 different colors. People call it the “perfect accent piece” for themed photoshoots, say they get compliments on it, and that provides good shade.

From Hecate: Flickering lightbulbs to make your chandeliers look spooky
Speaking of flickering lights, I have a bunch of flickering candles inside the house. My two iron displays for the lawn take lightbulbs and I think they look better with a flickering flame. Home Depot and Lowes have already gotten rid of all their Halloween stuff (it’s full blown Christmas!) but I found these on Amazon and they’re perfect. They look great from the street. These are chandelier base lights, which is what I needed, but they do have the larger flickering bulbs, which I ordered by accident but decided to keep – I’ll find something to do with them.

From Hecate: Cat ear headbands make versatile costumes
My daughter always wants to be some kind of hybrid animal creation as her costume. I usually buy her ears from furry sites because of the quality but they can get expensive (and, oh, the marketing lists I end up on!) I bought her these fuzzy clip in ears (not the ones featured above), which were just $11 and great quality. We’re featuring the inexpensive sequin headband version above because they come in different colors and in little deer antlers too if you’re looking for those. They have 4.7 stars, 80 ratings and an A from Fakespot. People call these “super cute,” fun and festive” and say the “fit great”

From Hecate: Fun striped tights to dress up any outfit
I have a bunch of Halloween “looks” that I put together. I have a couple pairs of patterned tights and fishnets with cobweb or “ripped” patterns that are fun under skirts. I think I’m going to get these tights in the green/black stripes for a black skirt I have (I have purple and black striped long socks already). They have a B on Fakespot, 4 stars and over 50 ratings. They come in 14 different colors and in both regular and plus sizes, although the reviews say they can run a little snug. I also saw these and was tempted to get them but I don’t need three pair and my tights drawer is already full.

From Hecate: A supercute pumpkin jersey which also comes in Christmas prints
I bought this very cute jersey for my daughter after she complained she only had one Halloween top to wear (I blame her for continuing to grow). Again, all the shops around me have sold all their Halloween stuff already so I went online. At $20, this is a little more than I usually pay for novelty wear, but it is really cute and I’m kind of sorry I didn’t get myself one. I like that it has a relaxed feel and it’s not cutesy or inappropriate for her to wear to school. It also comes in a bat and jack-o-lantern print and in several cute prints for Christmas including gingerbread men and reindeer.



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