Sienna Miller at 76th Venice Film Festival

I’ve been seeing quotes from Sienna Miller’s Telegraph interview for days, but I never got around to caring, sorry not sorry. But that was before I knew she went Full ScarJo in the interview. If you remember, Scarlett Johansson is pretty sure she should be allowed to play “any person or any tree or any animal.” What ScarJo meant at the time was that she should be able to play Japanese characters or transgender characters and NOT BE CRITICIZED for it. That’s the argument Sienna Miller made too, plus there was a weird Harvey Weinstein story.

On being able to play anyone or anything: “I feel everybody should be able to play everybody. It seems absurd to me to start to legislate on creativity. That’s not trying to be insensitive – of course, there are people who have a deeper understanding of experiences, and they should definitely be considered… It feels like liberal is becoming almost fascistic in its controlling of what can and cannot be done. It feels dangerous to me. If you started to restrict me to playing English women who went to boarding school at eight, I would give up.”

On Harvey Weinstein & Me Too: She says Me Too ‘intersected unhappily with her own life’. Miller revealed she used to call Harvey Weinstein ‘Pops’ and said ‘on some level’ she did this to deflect her suspicions about him. She said: ‘I’d go, ‘Oi Pops, give us a job’, and he’d go, ‘Ah, stappit.” The actor, who worked with the disgraced film producer on numerous films including Factory Girl, also said no one ever ‘propositioned her for work with sex’, adding if they had she ‘would probably have slapped them’. She added that Weinstein did yell at her but that was ‘just Harvey’ and she would brush it off as he spoke to men in the same way. ‘I know that you couldn’t say no to Harvey if he asked you to do something. For me, it would be, like, an extra week of press, so I imagine in a situation where it’s sexual, it would also be hard to say no, and that’s crushing.’

[From The Daily Mail]

There’s been a weird movement with actresses talking about their lowkey experiences with Harvey Weinstein in the past month or so. Renee Zellweger took pains to say that Harvey never did anything to her, and Jennifer Aniston said he only tried to bully her into wearing Marchesa. Now Sienna is saying that she called him “Pops” and he never propositioned her or anything. I get that these women are being asked and they’re answering honestly. But it feels very much like “look, he wasn’t raping and abusing EVERYBODY.” Which isn’t the f–king point.

As for what she says about “legislating on creativity,” baby girl can NOT play anything other than an English woman, so… I don’t know what she’s going on about. She can’t do any accent other than British, so it’s like she has to choose between “Posh” and “Cockney” and that’s her range. “It feels like liberal is becoming almost fascistic in its controlling of what can and cannot be done.” Again, it’s not some huge liberal conspiracy to say that maybe cisgender peeps shouldn’t play transgender characters for awards. It’s not a huge liberal conspiracy to say that marginalized communities could use some genuine representation on-screen, rather than having ScarJo and Sienna Miller play every f–king role.

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