Rolling up to a party or happy hour with a case of spiked seltzer is, well, predictable. We can be more creative, people! That’s why I was so excited to arrive at a cookbook party with 21 Seeds tequila founder and CEO Kat Hantas. She had put out the most epic “Seed and Soda” spread; it was a table filled with tequila options, club sodas, and fresh toppings. Putting together my drink was way more fun (and Instagrammable) than popping open a can.

Beyond being a fun process, I can honestly say I’m obsessed with 21 Seeds tequilas. The company uses handpicked fruits to infuse its tequila. It’s even built a custom refrigeration system at its distillery. 21 Seeds is committed to using all-natural ingredients, and if I’m being real, you can totally taste the difference.

Read on to get all the details on this woman-founded tequila brand, then find out where to shop it for yourself.