Valentine’s Day used to be pretty simple. Candy hearts, flowers, and a romantic dinner for two, right? Well, while that’s still fine and dandy, we’re pretty partial to the holiday’s more recent trends, such as Disney princess bouquets, raspberry crème Kit Kats, Oreo cookie dunking sets for two, and, yes, heart-shaped macarons.

Costco is offering what may be one of the greatest Valentine’s Day deals ever: a box of 25 macarons by Le Chic Patissier for only $12. These heart-shaped treats come in two different flavors, vanilla and raspberry, and look as good as they taste. With big-name baking companies such as Ladurée and Baked by Melissa selling the same amount of these delicacies for upward of $65, the Costco alternative is a total steal (not to mention totally adorable!). These macarons are perfect because they’re a great Valentine’s Day gift, for either a crush or office colleagues, and one that will not break the bank. Just be sure to call your local store for prices and availability before heading out!